Recruitment Announcement

West Winds is looking for YOU!
(imagines image of finger pointing at yourself)

Looking for committed team-players for the following sections:

1. Bassoons (1)
2. Trumpets (3)
3. Saxophones (2 Alto, 1 Tenor, 1 Baritone)
4. Clarinets (B-flat, alto and bass)
5. Percussion
6. String Bass
7. Tuba
8. Euphonium (2)

1. Completed at least GCE O-Levels (or at least 16 years of age)
2. Able to commit both Saturday evenings and Sunday afternoon rehearsals
3. Candidates are welcome to join us for rehearsals beginning Sat 26 April 2008 at 7pm, after which there will be an audition.
4. Candidates are expected to have good sight-reading skills and a good knowledge of scales for the audition.

To WWinders: do spread the word around, but do also take note of the section requirements as some sections are already full.
Membership closes on 24 May 2008.



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